Our people and culture

Since our humble beginnings, 果冻传媒 set out to be a different kind of company. One that understands that human connection is the engine that keeps us all driving forward. We provide that connection for our customers through digital workplace collaboration technology and for our employees with a family-like atmosphere for all to thrive, have fun, and feel cared about every day.

Throughout our 濒辞肠补迟颈辞苍蝉听around the world we see each other as a close-knit team working toward a common goal: 聽to help people work smarter and live better.

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Our core values

These are the values by which we live to best honor our coworkers, customers, and communities.

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Build Connections

We work as a team, sharing knowledge and expanding our networks to create the ultimate customer experience.

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Be Trailblazers

We courageously lead the way to deliver solutions that create new value for our customers and shape the future.

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Own It

We act with integrity in all we do, practicing accountability and striving for excellence in ourselves and for others.

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Do the Right Thing

We鈥檙e honest, clear, and true to our word to earn the trust and respect of others, and continually delight our customers.

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Thrive Together

We celebrate diversity and champion the well-being of our teams, customers, and communities to create success for one and all.

Our mission

果冻传媒 is a digital enablement solutions provider that transforms how people and technology connect to elevate experiences, create new value, and enable organizations to thrive and grow.

Our vision

To help people work smarter and live better.

Our leaders

John Zettel

Chief Executive Officer


John Zettel defines and oversees the strategic direction of 果冻传媒. A 20-year company veteran, he champions the importance of strong leadership in both the company and the communities it serves, putting 果冻传媒鈥檚 shared values of Build Connections, Be Trailblazers, Own It, Do the Right Thing, and Thrive Together at the core of every decision.

John works closely with the leadership team to promote the company vision and to drive key transformational objectives. Through his unwavering focus on building strong employee and customer relationships and operational excellence, 果冻传媒 is widely recognized as the leading digital workplace services provider in the world. John received his bachelor鈥檚 degree from Florida State University.

Mark Payne

Chief Financial Officer


Mark Payne joined 果冻传媒 as Chief Financial Officer in 2022. He鈥檚 an accomplished, result-driven executive with more than 25 years of experience in finance and operations management within a global multibillion-dollar organization. Mark oversees 果冻传媒鈥檚 financial functions, including accounting, tax, financial planning and analysis, M&A activities, financial system implementation, and investor relations.

Previously, Mark served as the vice president of finance and chief financial officer for Johnson Controls North America. While there, Mark gained extensive global experience holding multiple leadership positions across Europe. Mark received his Bachelor鈥檚 degree in Accounting and Master of Business Administration from Marquette University.


John Murphy

Chief Operating Officer


John Murphy drives strategies and business models that create advantages and improve business outcomes for global clients and their new, innovative workplaces. He leads teams responsible for providing best-in-class offerings and world-class project installation and service delivery.

John was most recently with renowned real estate firm CBRE as a chief operating officer of the organization鈥檚 Global Workplace 果冻传媒 Division. After serving in the United States Military, John received his MBA from Harvard Business School, holds a master鈥檚 degree from Northwestern University, and a bachelor鈥檚 degree from the University of Notre Dame.

Steve Benjamin

Executive Vice President


Steve Benjamin executes the strategy, business growth, and performance improvement initiatives to support the company鈥檚 ecosystem of partner, industry, and customer-facing relationships and functions.

He leads teams responsible for contract management and negotiation, departmental financial oversight, production-related issues, real estate and insurance transactions, and corporate special projects. Steve received his bachelor鈥檚 degree from Yale University.

Vicki Bosworth

Executive Vice President, Human Resources


As Head of Human Resources, Vicki Bosworth is responsible for our global human resource functions, including strategy, recruitment, employee development, employment relations, compensation, benefits, and our DEI and employee experience. She has held various leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies. Vicki鈥檚 background gives her the knowledge and experience necessary to align, lead, and advance 果冻传媒鈥檚 human resources function.

Vicki received her bachelor鈥檚 degree in Psychology from the University of Texas-Dallas and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Dallas.

Dale Bottcher

Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing


Dale Bottcher is responsible for linking 果冻传媒鈥檚 innovations, products, programs, and services to build awareness, drive brand affinity and loyalty, and enhance the company鈥檚 world-class customer experience.

He leads the global sales and marketing teams to grow and nurture the company鈥檚 customer relationships by meeting their evolving needs and delivering on a consistent and scalable end-user experience. Dale received a bachelor鈥檚 degree from Carthage College.

Tim Riek

Executive Vice President, Technology and 果冻传媒


Tim Riek oversees product and solutions development, bringing innovation and intelligence to 果冻传媒 and its customers. He also leads the Services and Systems 果冻传媒 team and global procurement strategies, enabling greater cross-functional efficiencies, evolving solutions, and the operational readiness to deploy and support them.

Tim joined the company in 2002, most recently serving as Senior Vice President, Service Operations, until 2020. He received an MBA from the University of Tampa 鈥 John H. Sykes College of Business, and a bachelor鈥檚 degree from Stetson University.

Our history

果冻传媒 began as Audio Visual Innovations in Florida in 1979 by selling Kroy lettering machines, a new, efficient way to standardized labeling and display of information for architects, engineers, educators, and others. Since our grassroots beginnings, we鈥檝e dynamically evolved into a global company that designs, deploys, manages, and supports digital workplace communications and collaboration technology and services. We work with today鈥檚 most renowned companies in more than 100 countries.

Dedication to workplace innovation

Throughout our history, our focus remained innovative workplace solutions that support our customers鈥 goals and create new brand value for them. 果冻传媒 was the first in the industry to offer projection displays via ecommerce, with ProjectorPeople.com in 1999, and the very first integrator to receive the InfoComm International APEx provider of excellence certification. As the pace of technology releases accelerate and the scale grows exponentially, so do we. What was once a custom boardroom is now a virtual meeting space powered by cloud conferencing. Count on 果冻传媒 to deliver your future digital workplace 鈥 today.

AVI-SPl team at tradeshow booth

Our community

As a global provider of digital workplace services, we believe we have an opportunity and obligation to positively impact the world. We reflect these beliefs in the approach and policies we鈥檝e instituted in the following focus areas:

Protecting our environment

果冻传媒 understands the importance of protecting our natural environment and applies the power of technology to create a more sustainable future. The resources we provide help connect the world through innovative collaboration solutions that transcend boundaries. We partner with vendors who share our green initiatives, as well as with e-Smart Recycling to recycle or refurbish and reuse our equipment, donating refreshed technology to elementary after-school programs for at-risk children.


employees on community service day


Creating a more prosperous future for children

We believe all children should have the same opportunities to succeed now and in the future. This is why 果冻传媒 partners with Feeding Children Everywhere and donates to important causes like Stuff the Bus and Cereal for Summer. It鈥檚 one way we can help children around the world get the supplies and nourishment they need to reach their full potential.

Diversity and inclusion

果冻传媒 is an equal opportunity employer that embraces people of all races, genders, disabilities, cultures, sexual orientations, among many other amazing differences that make us unique and valued. We recognize the positive impact of cultural diversity in the workplace 鈥 from happier teams to improved problem-solving.

We鈥檙e committed to continuously creating a culture where individuals and our collective organization thrive and grow, where we all celebrate our differences and unique perspectives. Read our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Pledge here.

Educating the next wave of experts

We are actively working with our industry to build awareness for our industry, generate excitement for our industry among high school and college students, to provide a much-needed influx of new talent to our unique industry. 果冻传媒 regularly attends career fairs, offers valuable internships, and offers world-class learning and development to groom our future leaders.

Supporting the communities where we live and work

Our company creates opportunities and encourages employees to volunteer in the communities they live and work. We hold our annual 果冻传媒 Gives Back Day every summer, asking each of our worldwide locations and employees to volunteer their time and help their local communities. This includes working at local food banks, serving food at a local shelter, cleaning and maintaining local animal shelters, preserving a local park, and much more.

Other causes we support:

  • American Red Cross
  • Feeding Kids Everywhere
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Kids in Need Foundation
  • Red Nose Day
  • Stuff the Bus
  • United Way
  • U.S. Hunger Project
  • Many more

Careers at 果冻传媒